Tara’s food has been tasted by hundreds all over metro Detroit area.   We use healthy ingredients from reputable food stores to give your […]

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Palak Paneer 2

Palak Paneer

CREAMED SPINACH AND CHEESE Smooth, creamy palak paneer, made from spinach and soft Indian cheese, is lightly spiced with authentic Indian herbs and spices. […]

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Price: $8 for 16 oz

Paneer Tikka Masala

Paneer Tikka Masala

TOMATO MASALA WITH CHEESE An authentic blend of spices in a base of crushed tomatoes with soft, creamy cubes of paneer (Indian Cheese). Ingredients: 0 g […]

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Price: $8 for 16 oz

Tarka Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani

WHOLE BROWN LENTILS & RED KIDNEY BEANS WITH TOMATO A dal*  consisting of a mixture of six delicately spiced lentils and beans. Ingredients: 0 g Trans […]

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Price: $6 for 16 oz

Red Kidney Beans

Rajma – Red Kidney Beans

MILDLY CURRIED RED KIDNEY BEANS. Rajmah or Rajma dal is made from red kidney beans in a ginger-garlic sauce.  Gluten free. Dairy free. The uncooked […]

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Price: $8.00 for 16 oz

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More to Come…

We will be adding more items as our customer base grows.  Thanks for visiting.

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TARA'S Healing Nectar
We love everything you make.  This has changed our lives.  Thanks for everything.

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TARA'S Healing Nectar
Your food is really good.  I never thought Indian food will taste so good and my kids and wife also love it.